Rats Get Fat: Jesse Taylor Artist Series

Jesse is a tattoo artist at House Of Solace, Coolangatta. He's been in the game for six years and gathers a lot of his influence from the people he works with and those around him. "Lots of the styles were influenced by the people I work with most of the time - Jason Meredith, Will Duncan, Jacob Gardner - they all helped with some input," says Jesse. Jesse describes his art as "neo-traditional", "bordering more on the traditional side more than a realism side". 

The new Artist Series collection features large intricate line-work designs on a selection of tees and muscle tees available in grey, yellow, white, black and army green. "My inspiration for this collection was more just a broad range of the type of stuff I like doing. So lots of girls, animal heads and animals," he says. The results are designs with a modern take on classic, vintage images that fit well with RGF ideologies.  

Bringing his designs to life on clothing was something Jesse had always wanted to do but just didn't know where to start. "This is something I really wanted to do at some stage, I just didn’t know how to go about it and had struggled for ideas, but it all sort of fell into place for Rats Get Fat." Now Jesse can see his artwork upon the backs of fellow artists and art enthusiasts. 

"The benefits of getting involved with Rats Get Fat is getting your name out a little bit more. They’re so easy to work with."


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